Quality at it peak

Quality and food safety are very important at Abera. In addition to our own, extensive quality system, there are various quality systems, certificates and registrations that must demonstrate the correct functioning of our system. In addition to these systems, both sites are under close supervision of the NVWA. The assurance of quality and food safety is further endorsed by our NVWA registrations:

Quality assurance: The basis for trust

Regular neutral controls warrant compliance with high quality standards. This applies to raw materials, final products and also the production process. In order to fulfil the high quality demands made by their customers, Abera slaughtering and cutting businesses operate on the basis of continuous HACCP concepts, and are regularly certified in the framework of various quality assurance systems. These also include the International Food Standard (IFS) and the QS test system for food products.

The IFS serves for uniform inspection of food safety and the quality standard of food producers. It applies to all production levels following on from agricultural production that process food products.

The QS system stands for total quality assurance, from the field and shed to the shop counter. Special requirements are stipulated for all QS partners to warrant safe meat production and marketing. Every marketing level can rely on the fact that the preceding level has complied with the defined standards. All participants in the system assume their own responsibility for fulfilling the requirements by means of extensive in-house controls and documentation. In addition, neutral certification bodies regularly check compliance with all system requirements.

FR   35 -257-002  CE.

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