Abera Slaughterhouse

We are constantly looking for new solutions that provide the customer with more quality and convenience. We are not tied to existing systems. If necessary, we adapt our system, or come up with something new, so that we can realize the customer’s wishes. 


Frozen & refrigerated storage

With constant temperatures from +4 °C to -20 °C

With modern and economical installations we keep your product at a constant temperature. By means of an advanced WMS system and skilled employees, we can always inform you on the current status of your stock.

We have our own facilities for freezing and storage of frozen products, in order to guarantee that the cold chain is respected. Four freezing tunnels, with a capacity of 24 tonnes per day over a 20 hour cycle, are used to freeze our cut and carcass products.

These products are then stored in our cold room. The room is equipped with mobile pallet racks on 5 levels and has a capacity of 5000 tonnes.

abera slaughterhouse
abera slaughterhouse

Logistics services

Refrigerated transport is our specialisation

We take care of your product including the transport and distribution, to or from our warehouse. In the France, each day we arrange for the distribution of your refrigerated products to any desired location.

Our logistical organisation delivers in France using our own fleet of delivery trucks and via our transport partners with whom we have worked for many years.

We have the capacity to deliver worldwide, by container or truck. We work with highly efficient freight forwarders to ensure a high quality service.


Worldwide exports:

Our plant is identified by the health mark

FR   35 -257-002  CE.

Our factory is approved for export to many destinations throughout the world: 

EEC, China, Switzerland, Russia, South Africa, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore and many other countries worldwide.

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